Flamingo Themed First Birthday Party

So, I know that all things tropical are all the rage right now  – and I totally jumped on that bandwagon. Not only is my nursery tropical themed (which I actually had to make unisex as we decided to have my daughter and son share a room – more on that later), but I decided my daughter’s first birthday party would also be tropical themed! Yes, I have a problem.

So, my daughter was born in June, and here in California it can get pretty hot (it can also get pretty cold, but more often than not it’s hot). And, I was banking on it being hot. So I started scouting out locations that I could hold her party. My first priority was restrooms! There had to be bathrooms on the premises – not just for my guests and their children, but for ME… as I was going to be six months pregnant (yes, I was 6 months pregnant at my daughter’s 1-year birthday party). So, luckily (and awesomely) we had a neighborhood splash pad! It was perfect for the weather that day (100 degrees).

Happy Birthday Banner

There were built-in shelters that we could take advantage of to escape the monstrous heat of the early summer. Conrad (my husband) arrived early (at 7:00 am!) to make sure we snagged the tables and shelter we wanted. They were on a first come first served, so we had to make sure no one beat us to the punch – otherwise we (along with 40 of our guests) would just be standing around in the sun! No fun for anyone!

So, I covered the three benches we had in pink tablecloths, and then a pink and white striped one for the food table (which I used a 6-foot folding table). We were able to easily hang the “Happy Birthday Banner” on the permanent shelter – which also came with paper pom-poms. They were sort of a pain to make, but worth it in the end. I originally wanted to make my own banner, but this one was so cute and super affordable, I couldn’t justify not getting it! I was also able to attach super cute little paper pineapples to it!

I also found these super awesome flamingo and pineapple paper straws! No one used them, but they just added to the decor and I do not regret getting them at all! I kept them for summer tropical (adult) drinks in the future. For the centerpieces on the tables, I got some simple flowers from my local Trader Joe’s and cored some pineapples. Which, by the way I didn’t even know a pineapple corer was a think before I started planning this party.

I came up with the idea and was more than willing to do it the messy way. Then I came across a corer and thought to myself “duh”. It was under $10 and 100% worth it. I cored 4 pineapples, had my centerpieces and fruit to serve for lunch at the party! Can you say #winning? I totally admit that I went overboard with all my decorations, but you only turn one once, am I right?

The last few things I needed to think about was finishing touches on the food (enter flamingo toothpicks), pick out a design for the cake and create a cake topper! I was going to order one from Etsy, but I waited wayyyyyyy too long and it wouldn’t have arrived in time. So, I created a template, bought some glitter paper from Michaels, busted out some exacto knives, glued on a BBQ skewer – and voila! Adorable cake topper. It was perfect atop our custom birthday cake. And, Blair was also picture perfect adorning a pineapple bathing suit in her high chair with a felt tropical banner along the tray.

The food turned out perfectly, Blair gobbled up her smash cake, and the day ended up being perfect! The splash pad was a haven for the little ones to escape the summer heat, and the parents were thankful there was a cool place for them to expend some energy. I do dearly hope I have the energy and patience to put so much effort into my son’s first birthday party!