5 Steps to a Toxin Free Home

I commend you for beginning the journey to ridding your home of chemicals – well, the ones you can control at least! Sadly, its rather expensive to completely demolish your home and rebuild it with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. So, don’t get too hung up on that.

I started my journey toward a toxin-free life about two years ago. Coincidentally enough this was when I fell pregnant with my first child. She was a real motivation for me to make our home a friendly environment for her. Oddly enough, I really never thought about the chemicals that were in my home before she became a presence in our life. So, I have her to thank for that. Now we have two children and I am constantly trying to find or make better products to use with them and around them.

So, I have come up with a little list that can aid you in your toxin-free endeavor

1: Clean House

I don’t meant literally clean your house (though you can if you’re up to it right this minute). I mean start by tossing all of the products that you a) never use or b) can live without until you find a replacement. This isn’t a short game, we are in it for the long haul. So, while some might suggest you toss all the nasty products in your house, I think that is just setting you up for failure. It is impossible to replace all the products in your home overnight. It is better to set up a game plan for achieving your toxin-free life!

2: Tackle One Aspect of Your Life at a Time

If you try to tackle everything at once, you will find yourself getting discouraged and bogged down. Ridding your life of toxins can be a hefty goal, and it is easiest to try to compartmentalize your life so you can tackle it in waves. Does that make sense? For instance, perhaps your first goal is the bathroom! Maybe start with your daily regimen products. These are the products we use nearly every day and can have the biggest impact on our lives and the health of our internal bodies.

3: Make a List

I am a planner. Always have been. I am a little OCD about it, actually. Sometimes it is helpful, sometimes it is not. This is one of those times that it is helpful. I suggest you start by making a list of the items you want to replace once you’ve decided where to start. So, if you are starting with our hypothetical scenario of daily items in the bathroom (as mentioned above), your list might look something like this:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash and Body Lotion
  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash
  • Face Wash and Face Moisturizer
  • Deoderant
  • Perfume

Everything we put on our skin gets absorbed directly into our bloodstream. So, this may be the most logical place to start! Once you have accomplished the personal items in the bathroom, perhaps move onto the kitchen, or better yet, the remainder of your body products (makeup, hair products, body products, etc.).

Some of the most toxic products in your home can include: air fresheners and candles, dryer sheets, hair spray, spot remover, perfumes, anti-antiperspirant, sunscreen, bleach, glass cleaner, to name a few.

4: Research your replacement products

Finding and replacing the products you have already invested money in can seem like an expensive and lengthy process. And, it can be. But, you are making this effort to become toxin-free, and like I said it will not happen overnight. Once you’ve found that replacement face moisturizer that’s maybe organic, non-gmo, fragrance-free (or made with real fragrance i.e. essential oils), vegan, and local, you might be looking at a pricey item! Combining that with all the other items you want to replace, you may feel like you’re burning a hole in your wallet.

A great resource for researching the toxicity of a product is an app called Think Dirty. This is an app that ranks products (specifically beauty products) on a 0-10 scale (0 being best and 10 being dirtiest). It is a free app. While they are continuing to add products every day, you may not find a specific item you are looking for. But, you can search by keyword.

An alternative to purchasing replacement products would be to make your own! I am a huge advocate for DIY-ing nearly everything in my life I possibly can. I’m a creative and I love creating. With that said, there are so many resources available through pinterest for DIY shampoo, DIY conditioner, DIY facewash, DIY toothpaste, etc.

The DIY route can save you some money in the long run as you usually end up buying more product that you end up using (you may have left over castille soap to make more shampoo down the road or to make another product). There are a endless amount of products you can make with essential oils and a few other add-on products. If you want to get started with essential oils, CLICK HERE to learn more and to get started on your oily journey! Thieves is a must, in my opinion. But, I’ll talk about that in another post.

5: Keep Calm and Add Plants to Your Home

Don’t get overwhelmed. Like I said, this is not an overnight mission. It may take you months or years to accomplish. Luckily this step just requires you to sit back, relax and add some plants to your home!

This is an easy step and doesn’t require you to replace anything! Even if you’re not a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance indoor plants out there that are literal air purifiers. Because, let’s be honest – even once you’ve replaced 100% of the products in your home with non-toxic counterparts, there will still be toxins in your home – enter carpet, paint, dust, dirt, oils brought in from the street, etc.

Having these air purifiers will not only add more fresh oxygen to your home, but also clean the air. One of the best air purifying plant is the Aloe Plant. You can also harvest your aloe for your DIY products!

Post Soon to come: Toxin Free Household Cleaners!

If you aren’t sure where to start with your journey or how to find replacement products, drop me a comment! I am working on posts which will contain some of my favorite toxin-free products!

How is your journey toward a toxin-free home?