Easy Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply

It seems that once you become a mother and you are nursing your child, you are constantly worried about whether or not you have enough milk. More often than not, you usually do. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your body make more! There are tons of ways you can help to increase your milk supply production. Some are super easy (like store bought lactation cookies) and some are a little more difficult (a rigorous pumping schedule).

I have come up with a few that I have tried as well as some others my mama friends have used. These are rather easy to incorporate into you daily lives. I’m all about ease. I tried doing that 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off pumping schedule with my first baby, and honestly who has time for that? I already sit and nurse my child enough, I don’t want to add on pumping if I don’t need to.

With that being said, I have started really using some of these again as I am pumping more. I am leaving my baby boy with my mother when I work ( I have been bringing him with me to work for 2.5 months and now I’m freeeeeeee)! With that being said, I already know from the first time around that my supply dropped once I wasn’t exclusively nursing. So, I will be using some of these to help keep my supply up on those days that I am pumping at work.

  • Essential Oils
    • This one works wonders for me. The body responds very well to Fennel and Basil as triggers to produce milk. So, I have created a 10ml roller bottle that I roll on my breasts (avoiding the nipples and areola) after directly after pumping or nursing! This is one of the easiest things you can do to help boost your supply. Just keep this little bottle with your pump and it’s there whenever MilkBoostyou need it!
    • The Recipe:
      • 3 Drops Fennel
      • 3 Drops Basil
      • Fill rest with fractionated coconut oil
    • The only downside of this recipe is it sort of makes you smell like a cross between an Italian pasta dish and black licorice. But, for the results you get, it’s worth it.
    • Want to learn about how to get started with Essential Oils? Click here!
  • FenugreekFenugreek has been used for centuries in cooking and 71XNATzSpVL._SY679_for boosting mamas’ milk supplies. You can get this herb in capsule or loose powder form. Typically you want to take at least six capsules per day. You can even take 9 or 12 if you don’t see a change in your supply. You’ll know it is starting to work when your urine and/or sweat starts to smell like maple syrup or curry. I unfortunately started to smell like curry while using this.
  • Brewers Yeast in your Oatmeal
    • The Oatmeal + Brewers Yeast combination is a monster519VdhbnaYL milk booster! I would eat this every morning when I was nursing my first baby and saw a great increase in my supply. And, luckily the brewers yeast taste didn’t bother me too much. Just add some agave or honey and it covers the flavor quite well.
    • Add a teaspoon to your oatmeal every day
    • If you’re not into oatmeal, drink a stout beer every now and then. Even better if it’s a milk stout. The brewers yeast in beer will help to increase your supply. But, keep it at a minimum due to the alcohol content.
  • MoringaMoringa is basically a miracle plant. The Moringa dietary-supplement-organic-india-moringa-organic-90-cap-1_800xtree has incredible benefits beyond just improving your milk supply. This amazing plant also helps boost your immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties,  improves digestive problems, is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, can help with mood swings, fights aging, and is super rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein.
    • I’m actually thinking of planing a moringa tree in my backyard so I can harvest fresh moringa whenever I want!
    • This has been my favorite pill supplement for increasing my milk supply because it has all these extra added benefits. We should all be taking this on a daily basis regardless of whether or not we are nursing (men included)!
    • I take four of these per day along with my other vitamins (when I remember at least) and usually see an immediate increase the next day.

One thing to keep in mind when you start using any of these techniques is that everybody responds differently to all of these things. Moringa works wonders for me as well as the essential oils. So, if you try one of these and it doesn’t work don’t get discouraged. Try something else! Just because it worked for me or for one of your other friends does not necessarily mean it will work for you. But, worry not! You will find something that works!

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