Five Interesting Facts and Tips for Birth

Hello! For the fourth installment of my Tuesdays are for Tips videos, I decided to do a compilation of some reoccurring questions I get. I recorded this video through Instagram Live, so I do interact with some people who watched it live. Worry not, I’m not crazy. In this video I will be discussing the following:

  • Nuchal Cords: What they are, and why you shouldn’t be worried about them.
  • Third Stage Labor: Birthing your Placenta
  • Birth Plans: How ensure they work for your birth day!
  • Pushing and Pooping: You want this. It means your pushing efficiently!
  • Tearing: Practicality and likelihood of tearing during birth.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions or concerns you have about the information I have presented! Thank you for watching! 🙂

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