Horse and Cowgirl Themed Two Year Old Birthday Party

It is common knowledge by anyone who knows Blair in person (or even through Instagram) that she is currently obsessing over horses (or “shorsies” as she likes to call them). Seldom a day goes by in our house without watching a couple episodes of Spirit: Riding Free on Netflix. So, as horses are her current love, I decided that her second birthday party theme would be Horses! I though it was appropriate.

What I didn’t know was how difficult it would be to find horse themed party supplies at my local party stores. Apparently the unicorn theme is all the rage… that next to the poop emoji. I mean honestly, these party supply stores had poop emoji balloons but no horse balloons. I was rather surprised by this. I had really left planning Blair’s party to the last minute so I was worried I wouldn’t get online orders in time. But, then I remembered how phenomenal Amazon Prime is.

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I initially didn’t want to throw a birthday party for Blair, what with having gone 100% overboard for her first birthday party, and with her brother’s first birthday coming up in October I wanted to be sure we didn’t overextend our wallet. But, my parents and in- laws were all too excited to celebrate her birthday, so I was obliged (and was still very excited) to throw something together for her. But, this time I was going to stick to a minimal budget and serve snacks rather than lunch. We also made the cupcakes with little horsie toppers rather than ordering a custom cake like last year. For the favors I made super cute (and delicious!) chocolate crunch horsie lollipops with an easy cake pop kit and horse mold (I failed and didn’t take very good photos of them)!


It was really fun decorating for this, actually. Since the party stores don’t really have decor geared toward a cowgirl party, I had to use other resources. I got some great stuff from Hobby Lobby (the windmill, wooden horse, and dried cotton). Luckily we had the glass cake stands and some other vintage/rustic decor. To give the table a little more glam, I cut out glitter horse shoes and strung them along the front and threw some foil confetti on the table cloth!

Since her 2nd birthday was drawing a bit of an older crowd, I was sure to plan some activities for the kids to do – these had to occupy a child from one year old up to five years old. My close friend’s mother was kind enough to loan me her genuine horse saddle so the kids could pretend they were Ridin’ Free! And, they absolutely loved it. I rented some straw bails from the local feed store (which I didn’t even know existed because we live in literal suburbia and didn’t realize we had a need for a feed store). It was so easy and the best $30 dollars I spent on the whole party. The kids LOVED climbing up and down on the bails. I just threw some quilts (handmade by my grandmother) on them to prevent any scratching or poking from the straw. I added a super fun saloon backdrop which we just taped to the fence, and strung the “TWO” garland across it.


I failed in photographing the other activities we had planned, but they are simple enough! We opened up our sandbox for anyone wanting to build (and/or destroy) a sand castle, threw out a bucket of chalk, set up a bubble machine, filled up the water table, and printed some horse themed coloring pages with some crayons inside the house. Also, the horse balloon itself also ended up becoming an activity, and luckily it was sturdy enough to have 30lb toddlers riding it around the house and backyard. The poor thing was very deflated and tired by the end of the day. But, I 100% got my money’s worth out of it.


Blair absolutely had the best time. She seldom sat still. And, since it was at our house I was comfortable just letting her run wild and didn’t feel like I had to follow her every second (like I would have to at a public park). I don’t think that she quite understood that it was all for her, but she didn’t really care about that (because really, everything is always about her anyway). And, even though I threw this all together in a short amount of time, I am very happy with the final product. See below for the decor items I found online!


As per usual, I ordered mostly everything online. The remainder of the decor items I either borrowed or bought from Hobby Lobby (aka the craft store I could peruse for days). See below for all the fun stuff I ordered via Amazon!

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