Supplements for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

I have been asked over and over again what my favorite supplements for pregnancy, baby, and just general health. It may seem overwhelming when you look through this post and think “Do I really need all of these?” No, you don’t. The best way to stay healthy and happy during pregnancy and beyond is to eat a healthy, organic, nutrient dense diet, drink clean water, and get some exercise and sunshine. But, if you would like to add a helping hand, here are some really great supplements to add into rotation. So, here it is! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about these!

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Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Beyond

Red Raspberry Leaf tea can help strengthen the uterus and may even decrease labor duration. Some women drink this their entire pregnancy. Others start in the third trimester. Consult your physician before using these herbs. I prefer loose-leaf tea to avoid microplastics in tea bags, plus its more cost effective.

Cod Liver Oil contains high amounts of Vitamin A & D and also EPA and DHA… keeping you healthy and promoting brain development in your growing babe (in and out of the belly).

This is a great prenatal that includes Folate rather than Folic Acid and has other food-based nutrients.

K2 helps improve your bone health which can be compromised during and after pregnancy. D3 lowers risk of various things (preclampsia, diabetes, pre-term birth, etc.). Postpartum helps reduce risk of rickets in baby (through breastmilk).

Mama Bear capsules have absolutely no fillers, sugars or unnecessary ingredients. Each serving is packed full of important nutrients for you and your baby.

Gut health is always important, especially during pregnancy! This probiotic can be used for all ages (including baby). Continue to take after baby is born. You can also administer to baby

Magnesium Spray: Wonderful for restless legs and cramping. Magnesium can also help tremendously with insomnia. You can use this on top of Mag capsules. Wonderful to use at night!

Most of us are deficient in Magnesium even when NOT pregnant or nursing. This can help with constipation and promote fetal growth/birth weight. Also great for restless legs and cramping. Mag is also a natural stool softener, which will be helpful for those first few postpartum poops.

Vitamin C is essential for supporting your immune system, may help reduce the risk of pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction and maternal anemia. Additionally, increased vitamin C can help strengthen your amniotic sac, reducing chances of premature rupture of membranes.

This supplement can help increase your milk production.

Supplements for Baby

Newborns are “deficient” in Vitamin K at birth. One of the standard newborn procedures is a Vitamin K shot. You may wish to use these in stead of the shot (if you choose to use anything at all).

Vitamin D is vital for growing babes as it helps build strong healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is easily gained in the summer and spring days when sun is abundant. This is a great addition for winter months or if your babe doesn’t get much sun.

Gripe water can help with upset tummy and gas issues. I personally suggest belly massage, chiro, and other natural methods first. But this gripe water has offered much success to many frustrated little ones.

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