I’m a mother to two beautiful children, a wife to a truly amazing husband, a creator, a planner, and birth doula!

And I’m so glad you stopped by, because we’re a lot alike. We both want to have a successful family life from the womb beyond the journey earthside. We both want our children to have everything they need to be successful and responsible citizens of this world, and we want to provide them with a healthy, clean, nutritious, and meaningful life… and we want it to start from the beginning!


We often go through life trying to find our purpose and passion. We go to school for this, we go to college, and sometimes (in my case) go back again. But, throughout my educational career and eventual graduate education, I never found my passion. Though I know I gained immense knowledge from earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, sadly they never gave me that “A-ha” moment. I never felt that…

That is… until, I became pregnant with my first child. In 2015 I fell pregnant with my darling baby girl. And as with every other aspect of my life, I once again became a student. I sought out countless resources on pregnancy and childbirth and quickly realized that in order to achieve the birth I wanted, I would need additional support that had no other interest but my needs (and of course safety). So, I sought out the help of both a midwife (after I fired my OB at 24 weeks) and a birth doula. These two women were there every step of the way and made me feel comfortable and confident in my own body and decisions.

On the day my baby was born, I had found not one but two passions: motherhood and birth. Thus began my journey to provide the support,  knowledge, and advocacy to other mamas to be ready to take control of their births.

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